darlene-lucchiDarlene began practicing yoga in 1993. Although there were many life events that drew her away from yoga….work, marriage, kids, moving…..she was always pulled back to the mat. Her passion for yoga eventually led her to training to become a teacher. She completed a 200-hr training course at One Love Hot Yoga with instructors Brenda Blanco and Kim Crotty. The experience was life-changing. Yoga was no longer a means of exercise, but a way of life. Darlene learned by controlling your breathe and your thoughts, you can change your life……..for the better. Her goal now is to introduce as many students as possible to this way of thinking. Darlene motivates people to discover what they are passionate about and helps them find the strength to follow their dreams. Darlene’s approach is to get her students to take a step back, a retreat from the day to day chaos, by using their mats as a mini-vacation. Through relaxing their minds and invigorating their bodies, she believes they will get a clearer perspective of what it is they really desire in life.
As a mother of 3 young children, Darlene felt the need to have her children learn the benefits of yoga. She completed the Children’s Teacher Training with Sheryl Edsall at Naturally Yoga so she could inspire her children and other’s to love yoga as well.