Maintaining a healthy body image at college starts with feeling great about your body from the inside out. Join Maggie DiPasquale and learn how navigate the dining hall, stay healthy without deprivation and love yourself exactly as you are.
In today’s competitive academic environment students spend a lot of time preparing to get into college, but what kind of work goes into being on your own for the first time? Leaving for school, even if you’re not going very far, is equal parts scary and exciting. The key to handling this transition is to have a strong sense of self and it has to happen way before girls ever step foot on a college campus. Developing a healthy relationship to oneself is like building a muscle, if you don’t practice it gets weak, but if you exercise frequently it becomes easier and easier. As a recent college grad, Maggie completely understand the stress and pressure girls face. Helping young women find their inner confidence is her passion and it’s Maggie’s goal to help girl’s confidently enter college, live on their own, but most of all become productive loving members of society.

Date: Sunday, January 26th
Time: 1pm-2:30pm


$35 for pre-registration. $40 at the door.