We are honored to offer a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Developed and Taught by Denise Egan, ERYT and Kim Crotty, ERYT

  • Learn technique for asana, pranayama, vinyasa, meditation, guided relaxation, chanting, kriyas.
  • Learn teaching methodologies for assisting, adjusting, giving effective verbal, visual and tactile communication and instruction.
  • Learn anatomy and physiology, including the subtle energy body, as it relates to yoga.
  • Learn the philosophy and ethics of yoga, including how to live the yoga lifestyle.
  • Get plenty of practice teaching so you feel confident in front of the class.

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Denise EganERYT
E-RYT Yoga. I fell madly in love some 10 years ago. I spent the first few years going from teacher to teacher, studio to studio until I found My true teacher, Sheryl Edsall 9 years ago. I became a certified teacher in 2006.. I have continued my studies with Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Baron Baptist, John Friend, Sharon Gannon ,Dana Flynn and humankind. Yoga has and still does- ground me so I can fly, notice patterns so I can make connections, check in so I don’t check out, move, so I can stay still, stay real, do for others and take care of myself. This is the short list, and as in life my yoga keeps evolving. My style is vinyasa, which means to place in a special way. Classes are informative, purposeful, powerful, playful and inspirational. I blend ancient eastern yogic philosophies with current wisdom so the modern student can connect. Stay in the flow!

Please contact Denise Egan for more Teacher Training information.

email: peasedenise@gmail.com
phone: 551-206-1309

Kim CrottyERYT
ATC Certified Yoga Instructor Thai Bodywork Sports Medicine and Post Rehabilitative Fitness. Yoga saved my life, it is my life raft. At the end of my very first yoga class, I rolled up to a seated position, place my hands together at my heart and opened my eyes…I knew I would one day become a yoga teacher. The immediate balance my body, mind and heart felt that day yoga still brings me today. Almost 10 years after my first class, I became a certified yoga instructor.

My teacher training was at Sonic Yoga in NYC. Sonic is my mother school as I call her. I continue to travel the world studying and teaching yoga every chance I get. I teach all ages kids to adults. Specializing in Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Bodywork for all ages, athletes and children with special needs. Yoga helps us to develop strength, flexibility and balance on the mat as well as off. I teach vinyasa flow it is the marriage of breath and movement. I teach with high energy and a playfulness while focusing on mechanics and the breathe. The first thing we do in this world is breathe in, the last thing we do is breathe out. Learning to control the breathe we learn to control the mind and the body. My mission is to bring yoga to as many people possible in our community and throughout the world.